World championship 2023 in Denmark

The International Contender World Championship 2023 will be sailed beginning of  July on the bay of Kerteminde - right in the centre of Denmark due to this schedule:


Program2023 korr1


The organizing club is Kerteminde Sejlklub (KS), which runs many big regattas every year - both national and international.

Offcial information

Programme, Notice of race (NOR), Sailing Instructions (SI), entrylist, messages etc. is published on the regatta management system Manage2sail as follows:

Danish championship 2023

Eventdates: June 30- July 1.
Entryfee: 900 DKK (app. 120 Euro)
Last entrydate. June 24.
Entry until June 28. + 200 DKK (app. 26 Euro)

World championship 2023

Eventdates: July 28.
Entryfee: 2600 DKK (app. 345 Euro)
Last entrydate. June 1.
Entry until June 15. + 400 DKK (app. 52 Euro)

Notice: You have to enter either regatta separately

Services included in the fees, extra services you might buy, how to pay, sailingarea, timetable etc.: To read in the links for either regatta.



The bay of Kerteminde is right in the  centre of Denmark facing east and quite regular in depth. In the neightbouring Great Belt however the current is running either North or South with variable strenght. This might create minor currents in the bay – quite difficult to predict.

Tide: Not significant

Bay of Kerteminde

 Kerteminde bugt


Great belt




Weather conditions to expect during summer

Variable, but two main-scenarios


If a high pressure system is sitting on Denmark you can expect quite stable rather nice and rather calm conditions.

Air temperature: at day 20-25 C

Water temperature: climbing towards 20 C

Sun/rain: Sunny and hardly any rain

Wind: Variable in strenght  and mostly to the low side. Wind might come from east, south or west. Rarely from North. Sea breeze from southeast might occur.


If low-pressure systems are travelling across Europe you can expect more chilly air and stronger winds.

Air temperature: at day 15-25 C

Water temperature: 15- 20 C

Sun/rain: showers and sun alternating

Wind:  Mostly westerly or southernly winds from a few to 10-12 meters per second. Rarely above.

Meters per scond to  knots : Multiply by two

Harbour, facilities, lauching etc.

Kerteminde leisure-harbour is a big, modernized and very popular harbour with good facilities for visiting sailors.

Launching from either the slipway in the leisure-harbour or the neighbouring sand-beach.

Boat chandlery on the harbour.


Many option: Hotel, B&B, hostels, cabin, or tent/caravan on the harbour area.



In Europe:

From the German-Danish border 175 km

Hook of Holland 840 km

Calais 1080 km

Riva del Garda 1510 km


Copenhagen airport 150 km

Hamburg airport 330 km

containerharbour in Hamburg 330 km or Aarhus 170 km each way if necesssary to pick up boats.



Kerteminde is a town of app. 6.000 citizens on the eastcoast of the island of Funen founded as so many other danish towns and cities on fishing and seatransportation.

Just a few things you and your family could enjoy during your stay:

Next to the harbour a sandy beach good for children.

5 minutes walk from the harbour: Aquarium “Fjord og Bælt” focused on the biology - seals, porpoises, fish etc. - in nearby Great Belt. Great for children.

Right across the street at the windmill the home and now museum of the danish naturlist painter Johannes Larsen.

7 kilometers to the west “Ladbyskibet” A vikingship used for a burial. On basis of the escavations a reconstruction can be seen inside the burial mound.

20 kilometers to the west in neigbouring city Odense the home of birth and museum of the most famous dane ever: Hans Christian Andersen.

20 kilometers to the north nature reserve “Fyns hoved” where the tip of Funen and the sea meet.

The island of Funen has good soil for agriculture hence the earls, barons etc. got rich on the work of the peasants and there are still many castles, manors etc. Most famous the rennaisance castle Egeskov.


Kerteminde Sejlklub (KS)

Visit Kerteminde

Danish met-office local forecast search for: “Kerteminde”